GG Hip Band Gen2


The GG Hip Band Gen 2 is the most versatile and most comfortable method of concealment available. You can wear it in almost every situation! Whether you dress up for the office or go to the gym, The GG Hip Band Gen 2 can be there, totally concealed and ready!

*Product of South Africa

* Left-Hand draw only available in Black. Green, pink, blue and black available in right-hand draw.

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Made in South Africa

It’s made of a heavy-duty Grade A elastic for extra durability and is twice as strong. The Velcro fastening strap is longer than the original to enable different placement/positioning of the Hip Band on the waist.  This is also very handy for when the winter months approach and you pick up a few kilos or during summertime when ladies like to drop a size.

We gave it two gun-holster slots and an extra magazine holster. It also comes with a standard size knife slot. The edges of the Velcro fastening strap has been rounded and we finished it off with a soft material which will not irritate the skin. We also added a small retention strap to secure your gun. It works great with medium and small frame revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. It is pictured with a Glock 19 and a 38 Special Revolver and will easily accommodate a full-sized Glock 17, 22 even the Glock 21 & all the mini Glocks. It will even work with all of the popular self-defence handguns including 1911, SIGs and Beretta. You can discreetly and comfortably conceal your handguns under a variety of shirts and sweaters.

The two holster slots are not identical but uniquely shaped which enables the user to wear their gun in 7 different positions namely:

  • Appendix
  • On hip
  • Behind hip
  • Cross draw
  • 12 0’clock
  • Outside the waistband
  • Open carry

These different positions require different angles for optimal concealment while you have perfect access to the grip of the gun in order to ensure a perfect draw with each position.

How To Care For Your Hip Band:

  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Lay flat or hang to dry
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not use fabric softener

Sizing Chart:

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Black, Pink, Blue, Green


Left Handed, Right Handed


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